Tenkara Fly Fishing

What is Tenkara Fishing?

February 24, 2020 30 Comments

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How to tie a basic fly fishing knot

Tying a Basic Fly Fishing Knot

October 07, 2019 30 Comments

One of the crucial skills for any Fly Fisherman is being able to tie a fly fishing knot. There are many knots for fly fishing and being knowledge able on these will result in having a successful day of fishing where you don’t lose your fish. Tying a fly fisherman knot

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Buying a Fly Tying Vise can be scary yet simple

Buying a Fly Tying Vise can be scary yet simple

July 24, 2019 30 Comments

At some point in your fly-fishing journey you will eventually come to the point where you want to tie your own fly. You have been successful with the flies you purchased but there is an undeniable satisfaction to be had from creating your own fly and landing a fish with it. Starting off at first can seem a bit daunting...

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Fly Fishing in Patagonia

Fly Fishing in Patagonia

June 10, 2019 9 Comments

When you practice fly fishing, you go on an adventure that gets you out of your comfort zone and pushes you to your limits. Additionally, fly fishing takes you to extraordinary places. Fly fishing is not your average, run-of-the-mill style of fishing. Instead, it is quite different in that you fish using artificial bai...

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Fly Fishing in Alaska

Fly Fishing in Alaska

May 11, 2019 2 Comments

Fly Fishing in Alaska One of the most fascinating forms of recreation you can do is fly fishing. This is not your typical run-of-the-mill fishing outdoors, but it is a type of fishing that can produce amazing results. Fly fishing is a form of fishing that uses artificial bait including dry flies, nymphs, emergers, stre...

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Snowbee down jacket

It is a brilliant design and very comfortable and warm to wear. The fact that it's waterproof makes it so much more utilitarian. It's unique design is also eye-catching and I get a lot of positive comments about it.

Cloud Rod

Found exactly what I was looking for in a rod and reel.

PEAK Riser
Great tool

Took a while to get, but quality as always from PEAK

Cannot give a review

Unable to review because it’s been almost a month and I haven’t received it yet.

PEAK Profile Plate
Peak Vise profile plate

works as designed and expected. Helps a lot if you have bad eyes.

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