Tenkara Fly Fishing

What is Tenkara Fishing?

February 24, 2020 2 Comments

Tenkara Fly Fishing


I first encountered Tenkara Fly Fishing about ten years ago while living in Yokosuka, Japan. At the time I was excited about living there and raced to immerse myself in the culture. My introduction to this type of fishing came from an unlikely source my Judo dojo. One day I was invited by a few members of my dojo to join them in for a weekend trip to Nagano Prefecture for some fishing and it has been an interesting journey since then.

Tenkara is primarily used in Japan in mountain stream trout fishing. It is far and above the most popular method of freshwater angling in Japan. The original rods were made of lightweight bamboo as it was readily available. It is also quite simple as the fishing equipment is really a long rod, tenkara line and fly. While this seems rather uncomplicated, it does require a degree of understanding of your environment and fly-casting motions to be a successful Tenkara Fly Fisherman.

The key concept to learn is control through the cast. Because you are using a very long rod an experienced angler can lift most of their line out of the water and achieve a drag-free drift on every single cast. Obviously, this is only achieved through practice and patience.

Another key factor to consider is to not drive away fish. Due to the long range this can be an issue. This is easily overcome by focusing on fish that are upstream, since this is the way trout typically face while feeding. One other pointer I learned quickly during my fishing trip to Nagano is that you must remain quiet. That is keep chatter to minimum and step slowly through the river, the last thing you want to do is cause too much noise is it will travel very easily through water.

This is merely an introductory article to Tenkara as there are so many factors at play when attempting this type of fishing. Like all new skill read and research and most of all try it out. 



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