PEAK LIRS Series 3 with C-Clamp


PEAK’s Large Iron Retention System (LIRS) is aimed at solving the problems faced when trying to tie on hooks with large wire diameters and long shanks, which often requires the use of heavy threads. The PRVLIRS hardened and tempered tool steel anvil/drawbar combination accepts hook wires up to .095″ in diameter. 

The PRVLIRS-C1 is equipped with PEAK’s C-Clamp. The clamp is designed for the 3/8″ vise riser shaft of PEAK’s PRV series products and also allows for the use of PEAK’s 3/8″ accessory shaft. The C-Clamp has rabbeted jaws that can be reversed for maximum table thickness adjustment. The jaws ride on parallel guide rods and do not rotate when adjusted so they won’t mark your table or “walk” when you tighten the clamp. Wrench for brass tipped set screw used to lock the vise riser shaft in place is included.