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No other reel can compare

This is a high quality reel that is American made and engineered in Virginia. It has an exclusive lever drag that helps you to precisely apply the exact amount pressure during the fight. Truly a game changer!


Quality product

Order # 1034

i ordered a set of 4 nippas for $9.99. I received 1 pair. Your website clearly showed 4 nippas of assorted color. Please respond

Hello Dennis, Our apologies for the confusion. The picture was showing the different types of Nippas that are available. It should be Assorted, 1 pair for the option you selected. We will get this rectified.
Loop 7X 10’ 3wt.

Very impressed with the rod! Can do everything from Euro Nymphing, to throwing Dry dropper rigs with touch and accuracy. Loving the rod, possibly my new favorite.

Good reel made by a great

I own two of their rods and one reel, very good quality and excellant price. I㒓治e met Ryan the owner of Riseb at the Lancaster Fly Show and believe he stands by his products and admire him for his beliefs. Anyone looking for fly gear should check them out

Better than expected

I have been fishing with my reel for a little under a month and I am impressed. As far as reliability, it was up there with charlton and mako, and as far as power it was in a class of own. Handled everything from stripers to an 8foot rough tail ray with ease for me. Drag was smooth and strong. I was hesitant regarding it being unsealed but I have yet to have a problem. Even underwater, the drag didnt really struggle at all and never was there an issue with sandintrusion. I prefer a reel that flushes itself then having a reel sit with a drag cover filled with saltwater.

When it comes to palming I just dont ever understand the need. The drag is enough to handle and fish you might come across with a fly and certainly enough to put the brakes on most you would target with that size reel. Palming is just asking to break off in my opinion.

My only concern with the reel is the handle will get a little cold in the winter months, but will just probably wear gloves.

Truthfully, it is one of the finest reels I've ever used. Friends have used them on GT, tarpon, tuna and everything else imaginable and most have shared a similar feeling.

Good Rod for the price

I bought this rod for a fishing trip to Colorado.I was taking my youngest and wanted to get him something not too expense, it was worth the price. It performed well it was stiff and flexible. Only complaint from my son was the handle.

Incredible Reel!

I was hesitant to buy this at first given the price but can say this is one of the best reels I have ever owned. While it is not perfect it is well made and effective.