Einarsson 8plus Fly Reel


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The 8Plus reel is an award winning reel, it was recommended for 2017 by Trout and Salmon magazine.

 Constructed out of Aircraft grade 6061 T651 Aluminum these reels are made to last and have an unrivaled durability that will ensure they last for a lifetime of hard use. 

  • The main frame and spools are forged Aluminum
  • The main shaft is stainless steel for top performance in salt water
  • The reels are anodized according to Type II semi-hard specifications
  • Combinations of materials used in the drag system ensure a silky smooth drag that retains constant force at all settings.
  • The carbon fiber disks are made in the USA.
  • Suitable for heavier single handed rods, switch rod and lighter double rods

The 8Plus reel is engineered to for Atlantic and Pacific Salmon, Steelhead or saltwater species such as trophy Bonefish, Stripped Bass and trophy coastal Sea Trout.

 The Einarsson 8Plus Fly Reels are come in four standard colors: Black, Bronze, Clear and Red. This allows you the flexibility to find the perfect reel to match your rod.  


Rod Weights 7-9
Weight 223g / 7,86oz
Frame size 105 x 32mm x 64mm
Capacity 150m WF8F 30lbs micron
Material Aircraft grade 6061 T651 AL Type II Anodizing 20mµ

Customer Reviews

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Awesome choice for bonefish

I used this reel for bonefish and it worked great. It is super light and easy to use on the flats.

Einarsson 8plus in NZ

I had been looking at the Einarsson reels for a while, but they were completely unknown in NZ, and not very well known even in the USA. It seemed to be what I was after though, which was a light, tough, large diameter reel for the flats, and small/medium Tuna. The full frame design is a real plus for me setting it apart from other reels on offer in this price range, giving the reel a feeling of strength and rigidity. A decent click on the drag knob and the line in/out is a much appreciated feature. As expected, the retrieve and drag are very smooth, and the light weight sits very nicely on my Xi3. The capacity on the specs is understated as I have fitted very comfortably 370yds of Hatch backing with an 8wt Outbound Short Full Int. I have given the reel a thrashing on Kahawai (a hard fighting species endemic to NZ & Australia) and it has been wonderful. I suspect I will be able to pass this reel to my son in many, many years time. I would buy another one and recommend to friends.

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Not Spey and Not Tenkara

This rod is neither a tenkara rod or a spey rod. It’s too big and clunky to cast tenkara style for trout in the headwaters and it doesn’t have a reel so it can’t shoot line for spey fishing. False advertising from the manufacturer who clearly knows nothing about both Tenkara or Spey fishing. Bummer.

I took this fishing rod (9' #10)for a two week trip to the Kola Peninsula in the hunt for salmon. She gave me the fight of my life! Rod minimizes the attempts of the salmon to escape, but I still lost her. Great fishing rod!!!

Awesome choice for bonefish

I used this reel for bonefish and it worked great. It is super light and easy to use on the flats.

Love it!

This is an absolutely awesome fly reel! It's build like a tank and will last several lifetimes. It looks stunning on bamboo rods, but while a bit heavier than the modern aluminum counterparts, it balances nicely during casting. The line included with the reel is a high quality Scientific Anglers Mastery line in the weight of your choice. If you've got a few extra bucks to invest in a fine reel, this is the one!

Pretty much bullet proof

I have owned my 811 for about 4 years now and have put it through the mill. I am not the most graceful of people, I have dropped it on several occasions, smacked it up against rocks, even dropped my rod in the river as it rolled down the current and ended on the bottom of a deep pool. We fished it out and it wasn't even dented! Love this reel!

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