Einarsson 9plus Fly Reel



The Einarsson 9Plus reel should probably come with a warning label as this is for serious anglers. This reel will take a beating and keep on ticking. The almost over engineered  brake will handle the biggest of Salmon as well as Tarpon in the 100lb plus class, meaning the Einarsson 9Plus reel will match both your double handed rod or heavy single handed rod perfectly. This is the reel that you use for trophies when you want to ensure you land the fish!

Constructed out of Aircraft grade 6061 T651 Aluminum these reels are made to last and have an unrivaled durability that will ensure they last for a lifetime of hard use.

  • The main frame and spools are forged Aluminum
  • The main shaft is stainless steel for top performance in salt water
  • The reels are anodized according to Type II semi-hard specifications
  • Combinations of materials used in the drag system ensure a silky smooth drag that retains constant force at all settings.
  • The carbon fiber disks are made in the USA.

The Einarsson 9Plus Fly Reels are come in four standard colors: Black, Bronze, Clear and Red. This allows you the flexibility to find the perfect reel to match your rod.


Rod Weights 8-10
Weight 240g / 8,46oz
Frame size 110 x 39mm x 65mm
Capacity 180m WF9F 30lbs micron
Material Aircraft grade 6061 T651 AL Type II Anodizing 20mµ