Einarsson Invictus Fly Reel


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Einarsson Invictus Reels are one of the best engineered reels in the industry. These reels offer the benefit that for the first time ever brake away friction is zero. Shock tippet is now built into the reel. The sturdy design of the mainframe and spool offer durability and reliability that is unmatched. We have put so much dedication and craftmanship in these reels that they all use Aircraft grade aluminum and come in three different sizes.   

Imagine that you are on the river bank  using a competitor reel and you have finally caught that elusive fish you were after all season. You are focused and engaged as you know this is a fight that you will not lose. The moment of victory is almost upon you only to have your line break and the hook pulled off. In the end all you can do is go home and say, “I had a fish this big.”

With Invictus, the drag system reduces the required start up inertia by overcoming the breakaway friction as the reel spool begins to spin, alleviating both the shock and the brief delay in allowing line to be dispensed from the reel. This smoother delivery translates into more control at the take and during sudden strong runs.   


Invictus achieves such control with the new patented Shock Absorbing Brake (SAB).


  • The Torque Spring levels out shock waves during the fight, such as those from jumping and head shaking of a fish.
  • The Drag unit is stainless steel and carbon fiber disks that are stacked up
  • One Way Bearing that turns freely in one direction ( when fisherman is winding in line ) and locks around the drag bolt which then activate the spring and at last the drag unit.
  • The Drag Bolt connects the one way bearing and the torque spring

Let’s wind back and look at the physics. When a fish pulls on the line, conventional reels convert that energy to heat, but the Invictus with SAB stores part of that energy in a spring which levels out the shock waves when a fish jumps or shakes its head. This results in the smoothest possible drag and a softer experience for the angler, with fewer line breaks and more landed fish.

* Measured and documented by the Icelandic Innovation Centre.

Invictus 6/8 

Suitable for single handed rods, switch rods and lighter double hander. Salmon, Steelhead or saltwater specie like Bonefish.

Rod Weights 6-8
Weight 264g (9.31oz)
Frame size 99 x 32 x 54mm
Capacity 120m WF8F 30lbs micron
Material Aircraft grade 6061 T651 aluminium


Invictus 8/10

Suitable for single handed rods, switch rods and lighter double hander. Salmon, Steelhead or saltwater specie like Bonefish.

Rod Weights 8-10
Weight 272g (9.59oz)
Frame size 104 x 32 x 54mm
Capacity 150m WF8F 30lbs micron
Material Aircraft grade 6061 T651 aluminium


Invictus 10/12

Fantastic reel for a double handed rods up to 15´ fishing for Salmon and Steelhead. Used on a single handed 9 foot 10 and 12 weight fast action saltwater rod fishing for Tarpon, Giant Trevally or a permit is a real joy.

Rod Weights 10-12
Weight 326g (11.49oz)
Frame size 114 x 36 x 62 mm
Capacity 230m/250yds WF10F 30lbs micron
Material Aircraft grade 6061 T651 aluminium

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Incredible Reel!

I was hesitant to buy this at first given the price but can say this is one of the best reels I have ever owned. While it is not perfect it is well made and effective.

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Peak rotary vise

Great Vise! Fast delivery! You guys rule!

I took this fishing rod (9' #10)for a two week trip to the Kola Peninsula in the hunt for salmon. She gave me the fight of my life! Rod minimizes the attempts of the salmon to escape, but I still lost her. Great fishing rod!!!

Awesome choice for bonefish

I used this reel for bonefish and it worked great. It is super light and easy to use on the flats.

Love it!

This is an absolutely awesome fly reel! It's build like a tank and will last several lifetimes. It looks stunning on bamboo rods, but while a bit heavier than the modern aluminum counterparts, it balances nicely during casting. The line included with the reel is a high quality Scientific Anglers Mastery line in the weight of your choice. If you've got a few extra bucks to invest in a fine reel, this is the one!

Pretty much bullet proof

I have owned my 811 for about 4 years now and have put it through the mill. I am not the most graceful of people, I have dropped it on several occasions, smacked it up against rocks, even dropped my rod in the river as it rolled down the current and ended on the bottom of a deep pool. We fished it out and it wasn't even dented! Love this reel!

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