PEAK JS1 Replacement Head


Delivery 5-7 business days

PEAK offers replacement heads, allowing you to convert your JS2 product to a JS1 product. This gives you the ability to increase the range of hook sizes you can tie without having to purchase a whole new vise. All necessary tools to accomplish this change out are included.

Note: JS series heads are not compatible with PEAK’s PRV series products.

LIRS #1 = up to 0.195 Wire

  • Utilizes a drawbar to capture bend of the hook into tapered groove of LIRS nest, rather than clamping hook between two parallel surfaces used by conventional vices.
  • Angle of vise head is adjustable so that hooks may be set up in horizontal position while you tie..
  • LIRS (Large Iron Retention System)
  • LIRS JS2 is compatible with LIRS JS1 systems
  • Fast, easy, positive adjustments.
  • Drawbar and anvil with taped groove is easy to use.
  • Lifetime warranty against defects in material or workmanship


$50 Off any Rod and Reel Purchase

*Minimum purchase of $569