Risen ITB Fly Rod


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This rod is built to meet the demands of a wide range of anglers.  The moderate action allows you to take your time to load the rod to more accurately target rising fish.  This rod also fishes well in larger streams and rivers for bass, steelhead and salmon.  The action allows a good rod load but also helps protect lighter tippets.  It's a great rod with higher grade materials than many other rods in its price range with an eye catching design that will get you on the water throwing tight loops and placing your fly where you want it.


High module graphite blank in a bold burnt orange color and brown/orange wrappings

Mid flex, medium-fast action

4 sections with the length and weight of rod marked on the end of each section to avoid confusion and alignment dots

High quality 2 toned cork

Steel snakes and guides with hook keeper

Machined reel seat with wooden insert

Triangle rod tube to prevent the rod from rolling around




Casting Ability Level: Novice, Intermediate, Good, Expert 



Casting Ability Level: Novice, Intermediate, Good, Expert 



 Casting Ability Level: Intermediate, Good, Expert



CIG / Cigar Shape A traditional handle shape usually on a traditional split cane rod.

RHW / Reverse Half Wells Normally used on shorter light line rods, e.g. 9’ #6 and below.

RHW + EH / Reverse Half Wells plus extension handle Usually on longer (over 9’6”) light line rods. Extension handle (sometimes known as a fighting butt) balances the rod and offers comfort when playing fish

FW / Full Wells

FW+EH / Full Wells plus extension handle Extension handle (sometimes known as a fighting butt) balances the rod and offers comfort when playing fish. On Saltwater rods the fighting butt is larger.

TPSF / Two Part Shaped Fly Used on double handed salmon rods, the longer handles provide leverage when Speycasting. ‘Traditional’ style handles are longer to suit upper hand dominant casting styles. ‘Scandinavian’ style handles are designed to assist an underhand shorter stroke style of casting.

TPSS / Two Part Shaped Spin Elongated Handle for spinning rods. 

ITB 3wt 7'6'' 7'6'' - 3wt MF 2.9 oz 4
ITB 4wt 8'6'' 8'6'' - 4wt MF 3.4 oz 4
ITB 5wt 9'  9' - 5wt MF 3.6 oz 4
ITB 6wt 9' 9' - 6wt MF 3.8 oz 4
ITB 7wt 10' 10' - 7wt MF 4.5 oz 4
ITB 8wt 9' 9' - 8wt MF 4.2 oz 4
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great reel

classic styling, very good construction, pleasant click sound.

Peak rotary vise

Great Vise! Fast delivery! You guys rule!

I took this fishing rod (9' #10)for a two week trip to the Kola Peninsula in the hunt for salmon. She gave me the fight of my life! Rod minimizes the attempts of the salmon to escape, but I still lost her. Great fishing rod!!!

Awesome choice for bonefish

I used this reel for bonefish and it worked great. It is super light and easy to use on the flats.

Love it!

This is an absolutely awesome fly reel! It's build like a tank and will last several lifetimes. It looks stunning on bamboo rods, but while a bit heavier than the modern aluminum counterparts, it balances nicely during casting. The line included with the reel is a high quality Scientific Anglers Mastery line in the weight of your choice. If you've got a few extra bucks to invest in a fine reel, this is the one!

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