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Tenkara Tanuki

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Pocket Ninja is a super compact, feather weight, flexible and well crafted Tanuki fly fishing rod.

Fly Fisher's Best Friend

If you love fly fishing, would you like to have a fly fishing rod that is ready to fish when you are, in the glove compartment of your car? Over half a century, why haven’t rod makers created one?

Flexibility is the Name of the Game

"Rod's flex" is the most frequently asked questions for Pocket Ninja when any amazed fly fishers find out it is only 13". I believe, "Flexibility is the Name of the Game for a Rod with Short Sections. " We all know that the shorter the sections are, the stiffer the rod become. For decades, fishing rod makers have been struggling to make a flexible rod with decent rod actions/flex with shorter collapsed sections that are less than 17”. We thought the solution is in the materials. We used fiberglass and carbon fiber to solve the problem. Despite the fact it has thirteen sections and is made with mixed of fiberglass and carbon fiber, it weighs less than 2.2 oz/60gram without the end cap.

Pocket Ninja is a fantastic rod fishing with Japanese fly pattern Kebari and dry fly.  It is also  an excellent rod for contact nymphing too, Euro-Nymphing or Highstick Nymphing, and here are the reasons:

1. It is a very high SENSITIVITY rod which would help fisher to feel fly contact with objects in deep water. This is an additional indicator and helps fisher to feel the depth of water.

2. Designed to cast with a very fine line. The fine line would sink faster because it is less friction.

3. It is better ergonomics than Nymphing fly rod because Pocket Ninja weight only 2.2 oz vs about 38 oz of nymphing fly rod.


Like any other tenkara rod, the line directly connects to the rod which would help to transmit the vibration directly to the rod. A nymph fly rod, the line rests on the eyes of the rod, fishers have to depend on the visual indicator.

Secondly, it is more sensitive than a rod with a handle(grip) because Pocket Ninja does have grip.


Most of the time trout like to hang out in deep water. Casting a very fine line and small nymph, the rod requires good flexibility. I highly recommend using Nissin Pal fluorocarbon level line #2.5 or any fluorocarbon 10lb / 11 lb test. Nissin Pal is a hi-vis orange color. Fluorocarbon line is stiffer than nylon and has better a transmission property than nylon line. If you need Nissin Pal line, please let me know. I have a very limited quantity of #2.5.


Pocket Ninja rod's last section is swelled up so fisher would feel more comfortable than with the narrow style. The lightness of the rod would help fisher for a long day of fishing.

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great reel

classic styling, very good construction, pleasant click sound.

Peak rotary vise

Great Vise! Fast delivery! You guys rule!

I took this fishing rod (9' #10)for a two week trip to the Kola Peninsula in the hunt for salmon. She gave me the fight of my life! Rod minimizes the attempts of the salmon to escape, but I still lost her. Great fishing rod!!!

Awesome choice for bonefish

I used this reel for bonefish and it worked great. It is super light and easy to use on the flats.

Love it!

This is an absolutely awesome fly reel! It's build like a tank and will last several lifetimes. It looks stunning on bamboo rods, but while a bit heavier than the modern aluminum counterparts, it balances nicely during casting. The line included with the reel is a high quality Scientific Anglers Mastery line in the weight of your choice. If you've got a few extra bucks to invest in a fine reel, this is the one!

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